Civvis is now Tango Legal

Tango Legal is a natural language platform that provides a better way to find legal solutions online.

With Civvis being accepted in both the Duke Law Tech Lab and LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator last year, it made us rethink what service is the public missing when it comes to access to justice.

We realized that ‘turbo taxing’ courts form is helpful but that’s not the real issue, and isn’t the first step someone does for a legal matter.

Let me start with an example everyone will understand — tacos.

If you google ‘best tacos in NYC’ — you’ll get a list of restaurants, reviews, pics, maps, and hours — all on the first page. What does this all this information provide you? It gives you TRUST.

Now, google ‘how do i get my children back’ — the results are like throwing a dart in the dark. Is the top results helpful? maybe? maybe not? Does that pertain to my situation? I live in North Carolina but this website is talking about the law in California — can I still use this? Do you TRUST any of this information?

We have a problem

Consumers can’t trust online Search Results

Legal Professionals can’t trust Search Engine Marketing

What the Data shows us

Consumers want information

Legal Professionals want new Clients…but they struggle

Sources: Clio 2017, 2019 Legal Trends Report,, World Justice Project

Tango Legal B2B2C Voice Solution

Our mission is to serve as the conduit between consumers and legal professionals by translating plain language legal questions into actionable next steps.

alexa and google home smart speakers

We are the first B2B2C voice service in the legal tech market. Tango Legal isn’t the typical legal tech company who focuses on one issue e.g. divorce, estates, wills, expunctions, etc… we are the marketplace.

Our B2B2C model solves both sides of the equation.

For the Consumer

Users want to talk/type in their natural language not legalese to find answers to their legal issues.

For Legal Professionals

Voice: The next generation of Marketing for Legal Professionals

Interested in learning more about Tango Legal?

We’d love to chat! We’re currently in Beta and are planning a nationwide rollout later this year. To learn more about Tango Legal or if you would like to be a part of our beta or wish to get more information from the Tango Legal team, send us an email.