Conversational A.I. for the Legal World

We connect attorneys with clients seeking their services on over 150+ million smart devices. Our service provides targeted legal profiles on Alexa and Google Assistants, opt-in new client lead generation and analytics.


Conversational Legal Marketing

Voice Discovery

We've made marketing your law firm effortless. With no up-front costs or lengthy setup, voice profile can be deployed on Alexa and Google Home devices within minutes.

Lead Generation

We've made it easy to attract local leads through our voice technology platform. Our A.I. powered lead generation tools drive warm leads directly to your inbox giving you a return well worth the investment.

Client Analytics

Make data driven decisions for your practice. Our analytics and industry trends help you see exactly how clients are searching for your services by state, county, and zip code.

Ask Tango Legal

Tango Legal is the first natural voice technology that enables customers to engage with legal services in a more intuitive way.


Voice Marketing for Legal Professionals

We've designed a unique marketing platform for Legal Professionals that provides an affordable and measurable approach to client acquisition and marketing.

  • No upfront cost
  • 2-minute onboarding
  • Flat monthly subscription rates

Targeted Marketing

We serve your law firm voice ad based on practice of law and location.

Position Zero

Your law firm is the ONLY voice profile heard by the user.

Lead Generation

We know what, where and who asked for legal help - so can you.

Insights and Data

Easily measure customer acquisition cost (CAC) and ROI.


What Our Clients Say?