A.I. that Makes your Law Firm Visible on Google

Meet new clients where they are through our virtual, rich messaging experiences on Google Search, Ads, and Maps.
  • Increase mobile visibility in Google Search and Google Maps
  • Drive engagement from clients searching for your services
  • Fully automated A.I. that includes content from your website
  • Keyword Insights for SEO

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Make your Law Firm stand out in the crowd.


Empower your Law Firm to be seamlessly discoverable across Google channels.

Tango Legal For Google Search

Engage from Search

Start conversations from Google search results. Engage 24/7 with millions of people seeking legal services on the web's most popular search engine.

Tango Legal For Google Ads

Engage from Ads

Make your Law Firm's Google Ads stand out from the crowd. With our AI-for-Ads technology, your firm can respond 24/7 to inquiries through existing or new ads.

Tango Legal For Google Maps

Engage from Maps

Launch conversations where people already are. Support people as they are searching for local legal service providers in Google Maps..

Not Your Average Bot-in-a-Box 🤖

Built on top of the nation's first machine learning model for legal consumers, our smart communications provide accuracy and flexibility to law firms. Need to connect to a CRM? Send text messages? Emails? Tango Legal has it. Please contact us if you have a specific integration question.

Manage Leads

We make communicating with incoming leads from Google easy to manage. Our various auto response triggers help you to engage with customers through conversations higher in the funnel.

Send SMS Notifications

Our text / SMS notification feature allows new clients to opt-in and to move their conversation from Google to their personal mobile device.

Share Directories

Have a mid to large sized firm? Not a problem. We use A.I. to share contact information with clients ensuring that the right person is readily available to take on a case.

Search Website FAQs

Our SmartSync technology integrates existing website content directly into chat conversations affording you to update once and publish everywhere.

Reach More People

By integrating directly on Google, you gain access to millions of users making 5.8 billion searches per day.

Reduce Staff Workload

Reduce staff workload with 24/7 automated replies and consultation scheduling.

Discover Keywords faster than your competitors.

Gain meaningful insights from conversations with our analytics. Review top-level intents from customer conversations, run keyword analysis for SEO, and discover valuable metrics that will help both your firm and future clients.

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We've designed a unique conversational AI platform for Law Firms that provides an affordable and measurable approach to client acquisition and marketing.

  • AI Conversations with Clients through Google Search, Ads, and Maps.
  • Answer FAQs from Clients in real-time
  • Automated Consultation Scheduling
  • Our SmartSync technology integrates existing website content directly into Tango Legal chat and voice applications.

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Make your Law Firm stand out in the crowd.