Conversational AI for the Legal World

Tango Legal’s AI powered communication services help legal, court, and other professional industries engage users seeking their services, understand conversations, and reduce costs.


Conversational AI Services

Messaging AI

Start conversations where people are. Our automated messaging service allows you to engage with users 24/7 through web chat interfaces.

Voice AI

Communicate with users on over 150+ million voice activated devices. We offer Voice Skill services for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Telephony AI

Manage phone calls and text messages with our Telephony AI services. We offer both IVR and text messaging (SMS) solutions.

Tango Legal and Google's Business Messages

We are part of Google’s program for Business Messages which enables us to learn and build with the technology, influence the road map, and offer our customers an upgraded messaging experience through Google Search and Maps.

Intersted in using Business Messages for your brand? Contact us to learn more about this new service for Tango Legal partners.

Other Integrations

We currently support a wide range of integrations including Google’s Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messages, Twilio, and more. Need another web integration? Contact us about custom integrations.

A Groundbreaking AI Model for Legal Communications

All of our AI services integrate with our proprietary legal consumer data model. Our groundbreaking model holds hundreds of thousands of legal and court questions asked by consumers based on US regions and demographics.

Tango Legal for Law Firms

We've designed a unique conversational AI platform for Legal Professionals that provides an affordable and measurable approach to client acquisition and marketing.

  • AI Conversations with Clients through Web, Voice, and IVR channels.
  • Conversational Marketing on web, mobile, and voice platforms
  • Automated Consultation / Appointment Scheduling
  • Our SmartSync technology integrates existing website content directly into Tango Legal chat and voice applications.

Tango Legal for Courts

Our conversational AI solutions for Courts streamline communications with the public - ultimately saving time and money for courthouse staff.

  • AI driven Court messaging for the Public
  • Search Court Forms and Information
  • Push Alerts and Notifications for changes to Court operations
  • Custom IVR solutions to automate phone calls for Court Clerks
  • Our SmartSync technology integrates existing Court website content directly into Tango Legal chat and voice applications.

Tango Legal for Professional Service Organizations

Not a Law Firm or Court system? No problem. Our conversational AI services are well suited for any industry. We offer solutions for Professional Service Industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance.


What Our Clients Say?